FUUUUUUUUUUUUU can't find it on youtube so that you can hear it

infinity Seismikz seconds remix


So Everyone who comments gets looked at >.< sorry i don't update this blog as much the other one is my personal garbage i have learned not to share with the person that it is written to because really its better if i just keep my mouth shut. I'm gonna take all the ones I posted for my baby's momma and dump them on her facebook, im rather unwilling to continue trying to get her back but i do enjoy writing her and maybe ill just do the same thing again and again. let it build up then dump it all at once. she never replies and thats just because who can reply to all that? its crazy. I've really grown into liking electro almost over most the trance I come accross, most of the music I find I enjoy has electro in it  and Dubstep too I am starting to enjoy alot more as well. Maybe I'll have some more time to dig for good music tomorrow. Supposed to rain and I got court so I'll have plenty of free time in between.

I wish you all well and I'll try to post here about more trancy things soon <3


Electric Addict said...

For me it really just depends on my mood. I'm in a trance mood today :)

MAX POWER said...

man that sucks dood. was that a real story or just some slim shady type shit?

Anyways, I saw you gave a good rating on electric addicts blog, and I wanted you to check out a mix I made, hopefully you'll like it :) and give me a rating. take it easy man


Jay.CA said...

that's alright, will check out your other blog if its up. :)

thenitefalls said...

I don't know much about trance, but some genres I really like are idm, breakcore, dubstep, ambient etc :D