Questing for bomb blogs

2 things im looking for and will find

Bomb ass blogs to follow
Bomb ass followers

I'm gonna get on chris's follower list and check out all the people following him and probably follow every single one of them

probably not.. too much work. maybe a few, maybe only the novel ones. Anyways, I'm just mentioning this because about 6 or so people on here are super good about checking up on me and I want to thank them

Thank you. I'll try to do better, and keep putting in more time and support to the community. It's nice to meet nice people and foster a good working relationship of networkers producing knowledge and entertainment outside of my usual sources.

I can't help but take stuff from many different blogs and drop it onto my facebook account.

Facebook takes less and less of my attention when I am here blogging, hopefully I can stick with it, keep up on my own blog lists and expand to gain more epic moments. Many lols and good music tracks to hear

Thank you to everyone who sees this thank you =D


YellowNiceTechno said...

thanks for checking out my blog!

Jay.CA said...

this could be an interesting blog. following. :)

Chris said...

Chris = me?

elexerdelex said...

You got a bomb ass follower here, with a bomb ass blog!

Inhia said...

yes chris you

Josh said...

I've been super overwhelmed with work, so I can relate.


Electric Addict said...

posting content from blogger to facebook is awesome for the blogger's blog :) thank you for the input on my set, i will try to do better transitions

MAX POWER said...

hey d00d! i'm a dj, and i play some music you might like. I only have one mix now (it's a new blog) but there will be more mixes of different styles later. anyways, check it out :)


consuela bananahammoc said...

I can relate!
Got yourself a new follower! :)