The long week of Rain

Well I was full of desperation last month, getting money as a roofer in the rain is very difficult indeed. I have been spending alot of time checking other blogs yet not very much updating here on my own blog. My search for music has gone down alot.

An old classic maybe? VNV Nation never really did rock for me, but I was present at the release of Matter and Form and for some reason I loved it. You see before matter and form there were so many tracks and none of them have ever felt as good to me. It makes me sad that when I find an album I really like from a group I have never paid any attention to, download the entire discography and can't find any tracks that I really like.

Maybe there are some remixes out there? Anyone?
These two tracks should be one imo.. Fantastic driving music. Going on a new burned cd for a beautiful little female I can't seem to pin down. She smiles and cackles about this. I will have herrrrrrrrr


Jay said...

thanks for sharing. btw, it's hard to read the text with the red color and the white intersecting background.

Grafted said...

you're right, sounds great for driving

Claude said...

Good to see you posting some good tracks, I enjoyed them. Good luck with getting money in the rain too.

doomsday said...

i agree with jay