Again, cheating

someday I'll add more content to my blog.. God I wish I could just spend my whole life listening to music and posting it. I wonder how many dollars and clicks and views and such I would need to sustain myself? thousands.... huge draw many different forms of content.

I guess I'll have to make a more firm intent on my blog, like I was thinking I would add links to everyone that I follow that has techno on thier blog. All of my own sources and such so that in essence I become a techno 'hub' station where you can see what I like but then again you have a direct line to finding and doing your part

Doing your part means you go to soundcloud and mixcloud and dig around on facebook and other electronic sites and you take the time to listen to the new content that is endlessly being pumped out.

how many great tracks slip through our fingers because we all just go right to what's hot or what everyone else is already favoriting?

I purchased reason and spent a few hours trying to monkey with it. Certainly not pumping out a trance hit tomorrow. Probably not till I have a real life friend to stare at as they make a song and say 'this is how i do it' then i can adapt my own patterns into that. watching videos on youtube just isn't doing it for me.

Anyhow enough ranting. This set should hold you over for an hour and a half. I went to bed listening to it, the last half kinda faded out. It was late

Be well, and suggest sites for me to check for new music plz <3

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Claude said...

You're so right, people don't find great tracks these days because everybody just listens to the same old shit, it's horrible. However I love your blog because it shows me new tracks I've NEVER heard before and would otherwise NEVER hear.