not trance....

Breaking Benjamin put out a song that I think sums up my relationship with women pretty well.

Also my 'Best' friend cited some lyrics without actually doing so and thus googled his silly un-Toby-like statement on FB and got this song.

I don't know how I feel about it. I mean honestly I love the singer's voice, I can sing along with him very well. I can really get into many of the lyrics and really connect it with my own life. I don't know about the rest of you but to and from work I sing my heart out. I sing as loud as I can because no one can hear me and after awhile, usually you become a fantastic singer by really working your vocal chords.

There is a vast difference between singing in your beater truck, in the shower and that of a voice cast upon a high def microphone. I cannot stress voice lessons enough if you are going to amplify and add this crisp upper level to your self expression.

But overall, everyone will love your singing voice and you will feel like a stronger person. I myself sing for the mood I am, or put in a cd for the mood I want to be in.

I used to be into a large amount of very angry rebellious music. I realize now that it was not helping me express myself to my boss or co workers in a very positive way. I listen to much more upbeat stuff now and things have improved by a measurable score.

I still dig rebellion. It is the lifeblood of music, the true passion of any growing individual. You focus well having an enemy you can put a face to, an object to attack and build yourself up against, even if that enemy is yourself...


LoneIslander said...

Love these guys.

Jay said...

interesting, thanks for the share. :)