Time to put in some work

I assume hours of free time come to me this afternoon and I am thinking I should be digging up some new blogs to follow. I feel I have become active in spurts. I have a long list of blogs on my 'morning cofffee' but I cannot say these blogs stay active. Changing the list to fit only those blogs that have changed is a terrible chore that I have attempted twice and never complete.

I assume it does everyone good to be seen even if they don't have anything new to say, but it makes me sad to not see new content.

Now I know many of you follow many other blogs. If you could be so kind as to direct me to some of your favorite blogger sites I would be very appreciative <3

I found a rockstar remix... dunno how easy I can find it on here... Anyhow I think that's it, the song has been outplayed but the idea is fantastic.

With electro eating everything, I always crave to see old things becoming electrified! Bohemian Rhapsody? Didn't find a good remix of that LOL


ed said...

song is pretty upbeat

Electric Addict said...

a lot of people do fall off the blogosphere :/