Can't blare my electronic music so loud so late =(

Das why I haven't posted.

I wish there was an app that would email to my phone new musical content from my selected subscriber feeds on facebook and all over the web so that I could listen to the new content on my car.

There's a million dollar app idea... Must be too complicated or it would already exist.

I know what you are thinking. There are apps like this but I live in the sticks, my smartphone isn't running a phone thus service is limited. I would be able to upload/download in the evenings, I manually load songs on my computer, taste test them, download them to my phone if I approve, sometimes I'll download 10 sets from soundcloud and just slap them on =)

K enough complaining. Hopefully I'll dig up something new and awesome soon


1904 Blogger said...

i do the same thing with the trance sets that get put out every week. have to go through em to sort out the keepers

Anonymous said...

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