This guy put out a bunch of sets that really gave me pause. I was suddenly infected. I was down to get every set I could from the 'Trance DJ sets' group on soundcloud and very seldom am I dissapointed. It seems cheap to badmouth the set I heard today that made me mad, first because the DJ simply did not change tracks when I was sure he should have [ he let it play out down to a few beats instead of going from the middle of the end into another trance peak...].

Any how

http://soundcloud.com/dozerthedj/hardly-human -

Hardly human was first heard at a low volume. I had my wonderful queen of my life present and she had just gotten off the train. We spoke and I kept cutting in telling her that 'this set is bomb' but not turning it up. When she left I took an hour and had it at full volume.

Worth it.

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