HI so when i load morning coffee, Every single fking youtube video on every single blog starts to play. Thanks mozilla. Probably one of the millions of addons i just installed.

Anyhow I hope this isn't just some quirk everyone is experiencing.

This is incredible. I got tired of the short house tracks I have been trying to plow thru and added some 7-8 minute tracks to my iPod. This is the first winner I hope you enjoy

ALSO, If I post here or on my other blog, know that I am also checking every blog that I regularly check and comment even if I do not comment I am checking your blogs. Sometimes I am just too tired to say something or I don't want to say something short and shallow like a dick.

Be well followers, be well


ed said...

usually dont like long tracks but this is fast paced and sounds nice

Rob said...

I like it :D

blorriepoes said...

its good quality music.
its a bit long indeed, but it dont get boring so its a good track!

braumaman said...

This one felt shorter than it was.

Electric Addict said...

any site that loads music automatically needs to die