adam lambert

I constantly listen to Ayo Technology by Kristine [ i think... ill look it up..] and Adam Lamberts track Aftermath

ok so katarine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU4eMj23Aa8 beautiful. Can't bring myself to post it as a youtube video. I think i fixed the autoplay, was some greasemonkey script or app for youtube, wasn't THAT cool and I'm way to distracted and lazy to go figure out which part of the prog is doing it and just remove it so i can have all the other nifty features.

Sorry I've been just dramatic and gabby as shit. Not really having alot of new music come in. OK I lied, Got LMFAO's new songs and OMG One Day? Bomb

3 other tracks were good. I canned the rest. Thx again guys

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Electric Addict said...

gotta love LMFAO